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Genetics, cattle health and feeding methods are important to us. We spend a lot of time researching new innovations and applying tried and true practices that attribute to the growth of Highland Farms. Our cows live a humane lifestyle all year long on pasture. Calves weaned from their mothers are brought into our feeding facility to then be fed a balanced ration developed by our nutritionist. Calves are free of hormones and all antibiotics and stay healthy with a strict vaccination program put in place by our veterinarian.  


In the past few years we have focused heavily on creating and consistently maintaining a more moderate size of cow to produce more efficiency in the herd. Large cows consume large amounts and don't always have a very big calf at weaning. We have also been focusing on the health and size of the udders. We use bulls that statistically produce cows with moderate milk EPD (Expected Progeny Difference). By doing this we are able to avoid overproduction of milk which causes cows to have overly enlarged bags. If mothers are producing too much milk, the calves can't find a way to nurse the enlarged bag and the cows must be removed from the herd.

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